Zips 2015 Midnight Mayhem part 2.

Another video showing the Zips Baja Off-Road Racing Team’s Green Car leading the competition at Midnight Mayhem VII! Enjoy!


Zips 2015 Midnight Mayhem

This year’s Midnight Mayhem competition was one for the books. Despite the bitter cold and the rain that made the track the worst it’s been in a long time, the Zips Baja team prevailed. Included is a video of the Zips very own Green car leading the pack at the beginning of the endurance race!

Check it out here:

Here are some photos of our Green Car and Blue car after suspension, maneuverability, acceleration, and brake testing.

2015 Midnight Mayhem

2015 Midnight Mayhem

2015 Midnight Mayhem

2015 Midnight Mayhem



Also check out the Midnight Mayhem event at their website below:

Zips Baja 2014 Video

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So glad to have strong university support! We are very excited to see what the new season holds! See MoreSee Less

Zips Baja Team Triumphant!

The Zips Baja Team took home its first trophy in 12 years at the last international competition of the season in Rochester, N.Y, in mid-June. The team placed third in the highlight event — the four-hour endurance race.

One of the College of Engineering design teams, the Zips Baja Team had one of its most consistent seasons to date. It placed 16th, 16th and 17th overall out of approximately 90 teams at competitions in Tennessee, California and New York. “We are on the cusp of breaking into the top tier of teams,” says Tyler Elfers, drivetrain lead.

Zips Baja members are students looking for a hands-on outlet to better themselves as engineers and they enjoy the comradery that comes with involvement on the team. “Baja is where friends turn into family as we build a car from the ground up,” says Melissa Ferdak, safety lead.

The team was very consistent in the dynamic events and is learning the ropes in the static events. “We are all excited to continue work together this next year and improve those scores,” adds Elizabeth Clifford, brake lead. “We received some great feedback from judges and are excited to be back representing The University of Akron in the light it deserves.”

“I am very proud of what the team accomplished this past year,” notes advisor Dr. Dan Deckler, a professor of mechanical engineering at Wayne College. “They overcame significant challenges at each of the competitions, working hard and well together in crisis situations to ensure that the vehicle completed all three endurance events. This is very difficult to accomplish in Baja. They are a remarkable group of young men and women with bright futures.”

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Zips Baja wrapped up the 2016 season with third in endurance at RIT! It’s good to be back! A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters!! See MoreSee Less

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Zips Baja 2013 Transmission Assembly Video

Zips Baja competing at 2013 RIT Competition

New Sponsor: McAlonan Foundation

The Zips Baja team welcomes the incredible generosity of the McAlonan Foundation. Their contribution will allow students that are pursuing engineering degrees to obtain a hands on learning experience to reinforce their knowledge gained during lectures.

6-1-13 Zips Baja Testing

Testing thanks to Peter Fetzer, Scott Angel, and Mack Monegan.

5-30-13 Zips Baja Progress

Progress thanks to Peter Fetzer, Scott Angel, and Mack Monegan.

5-25-13 Zips Baja Testing

Testing conducted by Scott Angel, Sarah McGowan, Peter Fetzer, Mustafa Malik, Austin Beery, and Mack Monegan.